Vegan Hemp Heart Protein Coffee

<p>Perhaps you have already tried a <a href="" title="CBD latte">CBD latte</a>, but have you tried hemp protein in your coffee? Hemp truly is an amazingly versatile plant!</p>
<p>If you like a thicker mouthfeel in your hot beverages, this recipe is for you. Inspired by Mexican atole, this recipe uses hemp protein powder to add a body to the coffee that you typically only get when adding milk or cream.</p>
<p>This energizing drink can be made to your taste and dietary preferences.</p>
<p>If you are in a hurry, follow the simple steps below:</p>
<li>Simply dissolve 5 tablespoons of Anavii Hemp Protein Powder in freshly brewed coffee or espresso. (If you prefer instant espresso or coffee powder, mix it into your protein powder before adding the boiling water.)</li>
<li>Add sweeteners or milk/cream to your liking and enjoy!</li>
<p>If you have more time to spend on crafting your coffee, follow these steps:</p>
<li>In a small saucepan over medium heat combine 1 1/2 Cups (12 oz) of coffee and 5 tablespoons of Anavii Hemp Protein Powder.</li>
<li>Stir frequently until the protein powder has dissolved.</li>
<li>Once the protein powder has dissolved into the coffee, feel free to add sweeteners or milk/cream to your liking (we recommend hemp milk and agave nectar if you want to keep it plant-based)</li>
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<p><span style="color: #404040;"><span style="color: #808080;">**Note: there may be some amount of protein powder residue at the bottom of your cup similar to the way some extra powder sits at the bottom when you use instant cocoa powder or instant atole.</span> </span></p>